Your challenges

  • Create new
    products and services

  • Train your team in business and design thinking

  • Invent new business

  • Develop a collaborative

  • Reinvent a strategy
    or brand

  • Go Digital & IoT

  • Building your team

  • Experiment agile

  • Find new growth

  • Create an innovation

Your benefits

  • Fast and efficient

    Risks and costs are under control by experimenting and prototyping concepts and business models as fast as a start up does

  • Access to a pool of innovators
    and team coaches

    To run your turn-key projects or to coach your teams

  • More collaborative teams

    Leading them to be more effective to design to-the-point solutions

  • Human centric & viable solutions

    With (service) design thinking and business thinking methods to better differentiate your products and services

  • Your internal innovation capability boosted

    Your teams are trained in Governance, Business & Design Thinking in the language of your choice

  • A ‘user/customer centric’company culture

    Employees focused on their external/internal customers

Our beliefs

Innovation is all about people and teamwork.
We are all innovators.
We just need coaching with appropriate methods.

The emotional ambiance of a design team correlates with success and failure – 70% accuracy – Centre for Design Research at Stanford

Our methods

Towards autonomy

To assimilate the methods and grow your teams’ collaborative effectiveness

Learning by doing

To experiment with real cases and well proven tools

Design Thinking and Business Thinking are iterative approaches to innovation that leverage

Multidisciplinary teams

Iterative processes

Variable working space

Those teams- facilitated by coaches- collaborate with an agile governance, so called Governance Thinking
  • Design Thinking

    Defines the value proposition, desirable by the users

  • Business Thinking

    Defines the business model, economically viable

  • Governance Thinking

    Creates an effective culture to innovate and deliver

Our services

A continuum between training, collaborative workshops with a business challenge and turnkey innovation projects

Workshop in Governance, Business and/ or Design Thinking

Innovation team coaching for specific business challenge

Turn key ‘human-centric’ project

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