Our tailored workshops

(Service) Design Thinking

Business Thinking

Governance Thinking

We facilitate & coach teams to collaborate together on business challenges.
We help professionals to become practionners up to the coach level.
For organizations, those workshops are focused on real business challenges leading to useful results to the company and learning for all attendees

Companies/ NGO/ Public sector

Schools/ Universities/ Incubators

Our open workshops

The fundamentals

Design Thinker

Experience DT method and tools with real case – 3 days

Agile Leader

Understand & experience agile leadership – 1 day

Team Player

Experience energizing and effective teams – 1 day


Experiment design and faci-litation of workshops – 3 days

DD Product Owner

Enable the teams to design & deliver solutions – 2 days

The advanced pack


Validate your achievements over time

Coach – Level 1

Practice and reflect on the posture to coach high performance teams – 3 days


Support the growth of others for this human-centered transformation

The specialization

Lean Startuper/Growth Hacker

Go through the Build-Measure-Learn iterative process – 2 days

Business Modeler

Use tools specific to business design – 1 day


Practice multiple obser-vation techniques – 2 days

Journey Mapper

Use tools specific to service design – 1 day

The com pack

Public speaker

Improve one’s public speaking skills – 1 day


Learn and practice the story telling skill – 1 day

Visual Thinker

Learn the scribing fundamentals – 1/2 day

The fundamentals

dthinking Design Thinker

With the Experience workshop

You start working with Design Thinking and wish to quickly learn by doing the basics. You will get familiar with the method and improve your skills to work in teams

dthinking Practitioner

With the Practice workshop

You are already familiar with Design Thinking and wish to learn more advanced skills and apply them to your own project. You come to this workshop alone or with your team members

The trainer package

dthinking Facilitator

With the Facilitate workshop

You regularly use Design Thinking and wish to design & facilitate workshops. You will learn & practise how to do it. We will support you in designing and facilitating your first workshops (optional)

dthinking Coach

With the Coach workshop

Your interest is to grow the collaborative teams innovating with Design Thinking. You will reflect on your own posture and develop your team coaching skills

Our academy team

Remi Edart

Remi Edart

Thierry de Baillon

Thierry de Baillon

Maxence Sukana

Maxence Sukana

Marion Langumier

Marion Langumier

B. Borja de Mozota

B. Borja de Mozota

Christophe Ferveur

Christophe Ferveur

Delphine Dufriche

Delphine Dufriche

Joana Pinto Luz

Joana Pinto Luz

Magali d’Authier

Magali d’Authier

Ohyoon Kwon

Ohyoon Kwon

Sara Neves

Sara Neves

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