Tips to interview with Design Thinking

Twelve tips to interview users to design a human-centered innovation using Design Thinking
The interview is the best-known observation technique to enter in empathy with the users. As any other methods, there are best practices as described below.

1. Pair up ! One to ask questions. The other one to write notes and take pictures

2. Your goal is to get him / her talking as much as possible

3. One question at a time!

4. Stay neutral to avoid influencing the user

5. Silence is good ! The user thinks, feels and is going to… talk

6. Watch his / her emotions. The body talks…

7. Open questions

8. Get the users telling stories

9. Search for contradictions

10. Ask 5 times why to deeply understand your user

11. Identify his / her challenges, the famous jobto-be-done

12. Take pictures for the sharing of your interviews

Illustrations Michelle Laplante

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