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Who we are

After many years spent working inside stratups and large corporations in France
and in anglo-saxon countries, we started our activity in Netherlands
beforre settling in Paris.
We have built and kept tight relationships with many organizations and networks using
and teaching Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile methodologies, in order to
exchange and continuously experiment new methodologies.
We are a global network of more than 200 dthinkers, specialized in innovation and
organizational transformation, able to operate all around the world
to meet projects’ requirements.

The gravity center

  • Rémi Edart

  • Christophe Ferveur

  • Delphine Dufriche

  • Magali d’Authier

  • Marion Langumier

  • Ohyoon Kwon

  • Thierry de Baillon

The Corporate Artists, the energizers

We can provide you with a talent pool of experienced artists to help you instilling
creativity,into your innovation teams.
These professionnals all have a confirmed experience in key domains:
video/multimedia, theater, voice and scribing.

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